Realme Buds Q2s Review 2022

Realme Buds Q2s Review

Realme Buds Q2s Review With the release of with the release of the realme GT NEO3 and the realme Pad mini, realme has also unveiled it’s Q-Series Bluetooth wireless buds for India. Realme Buds Q2s Review  Its realme Buds Q2s are the trim-down version of the newer realme Buds Q2 which we reviewed earlier in the year. The main features that we have seen in the realme Buds Q2s include its clear case design, its 30 hours of battery lifespan, 10mm bass booster drivers and the price of Rs1,999. Check out our thoughts about the realme Buds Q2s through our comprehensive review.

realme Buds Q2 Specifications

  • Driver10 mm of Dynamic Bass Drivers for Boost
  • Design: Transparent case design
  • Connectivity:Bluetooth 5.2, USB Type-C
  • Security: IPX4 Water Resistance (Air Buds)
  • Features: Environmental noise cancellation Extremely low latency mode Gaming mode (88 mph) Touch controls, in-ear detection circle link app
  • Chargingtime: Ten minutes (3 minutes playingback), 2.5 hours (with case)
  • Colors: Black, White, Green
  • Weight: 39 grams (case), 4.1 grams (each bud)
  • Price: Rs1,999
  • Availability:, Flipkart
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Design, Build & Ergonomics

There are some improvements that we can spot in the realmebuds Q2s include its lengthy battery life, as well as a brand new transparent design for the case compared to the Q2 model of the realme Buds. The realme Buds Q2 comes with an advantage due to the active noise cancelling feature feature, while it is the only one in its class.

In terms of design, The realme buds Q2s have a sleek matte finish on the bottom, while the opening is a transparent cover that can view the cobble-stone glossy designed earbuds. The case also features brand’s logo inside the case, as well as a display for power indicators on the front as well as a USB Type C on the bottom of the case to charge. There are no buttons that are physically located on the case.

The world of Buds Q2s case has an ultra-lightweight and compact style with an oval-shaped, matte case (similar similar to Buds Q2 as well as Buds Q2 Neo) which also helps prevent fingerprints. It’s easy to carry and carry because of its elegant curved surface. It weighs about 39g (case) as well as 4.1 grams (each buds).

Paper Green and Paper White.

similar to its counterparts the Buds Q2s features a cobble design on the head. on the bottom, you will find charging pins. These earbuds feature an IPX4 water-resistant features, which means they’re able to resist splashes and spills of water.

The cobble actually functions as an actual touch-control device, and you can use its gestures to control the music, call, and activate the voice assistant to you. Inside the box you will receive an earbud set in the case for charging, along with a USB Type-C cable, user’s manuals as well as earbuds in various sizes.

Performance, Features & Connectivity

The world of Buds Q2s are equipped with 10mm active Bass Boost drivers that can support ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) which blocks external noise. Furthermore it comes with the 88 ms ultra-low latency Gaming Mode to provide smooth, lag-free audio which is great to play online multiplayer games and Dolby atmos for surround stereo audio. There is no Aware Audio Cancellation (ANC) or Transparency options are included, which we had on the sibling world Buds Q2.

The quality of the sound we received is amazing, for this price, you can receive bass-driven sound that is ideal for bass enthusiasts Be aware that you must activate bass Boost+ mode in the realme Link app in order to enjoy greater bass output. You can select from Bass Boost+ or Balance mode as well as Bright mode. The overall audio quality is impressive. The realme Buds Q2s was surprisingly good in our first tests.

The Q2s from the realme Buds comes with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity that allows you to connect immediately to your mobile as well as other gadgets. Its realme Link app lets you control and customize what features are available to the earbuds. It also lets you control the features of your earbuds. realme Link application informs you the life of the batteries in both the earbuds as well as the case, and provides updates to the firmware to keep the headphones up-to-date.

Battery Runtime & Charging

On the battery front it is a beast on the battery front. Buds Q2s can provide thirty hours battery time on the full charge (including cases). The battery life, when compared with the worlde Buds Q2 is now improved and is currently the most efficient in the price range according to our knowledge. If you use the earbuds for three hours each day, they can last for about 10-days or even more with a single charge.

The battery of each earbud will last for up to 7 hours , but this is dependent on your use and volume. It will take about two and a half hours fully charge the realme buds Q2s (with case) and a short 10-minute charge will give you plenty of battery life. You are able to expect playback of three hours or more in just 10 minutes after charging.


The Realme Buds Q2s have a unique clear appearance and provides an impressive 30-hour battery-life. The audio quality is extremely impressive for the cost, and the super-low latency 88ms mode is a great option for players. In addition features, the quick charge of 10 minutes feature provides three hours of replay. If you’re on the budget of $2,000 for Wireless audio products, these striking pair of earbuds is the perfect choice at Rs 1,999. If you’re in search of an ANC option, then you can get The realme Buds Q2 at a slightly more cost.

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