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The Behind Story of OPPO Find X5 Pro Birth

OPPO Find X5 series has been revealed as the most sought-after tech season’s most forward Android smartphones. OPPO has been able to maintain its high standards by launching its most popular Find X series. To ensure top quality of its recently released Find X5 Pro, high marksups are integrated by OPPO in this phone.

The design of OPPO Find X5 Pro is intriguingly constructed using multiple optimized processes. To deliver world-class performance, OPPO enhances each set of Find X5 Pro with layers of these processes. This article will discuss how the inner workings of OPPO Original Design and how well they have designed the Find X5 Pro is assembled. We will examine the genesis story behind the OPPO Discover X5 Pro.

The Behind Story of OPPO Find X5 Pro Birth

What is in what goes inside the Motherboard of X5 Pro?

The initial development at manufacturing facility of OPPO’s Find X5 Pro begins with the structure of its motherboard. These paths are incorporated into the top-quality labyrinth layout. The whole system is based on the human brain and creates an advanced mobile device.

Every component of the motherboard is covered in the form of a map that resembles a road. The motherboard is made up of these roads, which are printed onto it by the robot printers. They can be capable of printing hundreds of boards within a month. The CPU and other components are inserted into the motherboards with a level of precision, which is impossible for a human hand to accomplish. If you take a look at the smallest part that can be integrated onto the motherboard, it measures approximately 0.4mm in size 0.2mm. More than 400,000 components can be installed on a single mounter in less than an hour.

To determine and analyze any potential errors that may occur in the process, OPPO makes use of an Auto optical Inspector camera. The camera is responsible to check for any problems in the path. Since the components are custom-designed and meticulously depicted The auto inspector scans for the slightest deviation. If the drawing shows a slight difference it is noticed by the optical camera it immediately with its programed function.

On the OPPO Discover X5 Pro motherboard, the stiff map of conductivity is created after the board is baked for melting the powder of metal. Through this process, every step is meticulously handled to manage the humidity and temperature of the floor of the factory. The final line and chip of solder is transformed into this solid map in real. The solder’s quality is checked every two hours with the X-ray test. A solder paste inspection machine inspection is utilized to examine every board.

The entire testing process is completely automated. Production experts from OPPO must look into the initial signs of possible problems. Since thousands of phones have to be manufactured and sold in many countries, the accuracy of testing is paramount. OPPO ensures maximum efficiency throughout every step to ensure the highest degree of precision.

The Behind Story of OPPO Find X5 Pro Birth
The Behind Story of OPPO Find X5 Pro Birth

Find X5 Pro Camera Quality Test

The latest Find X5 Camera comes with innovative features such as 5-axis stabilization of the camera. These revolutionary new features need to be tested by their high-quality standards. The OIS test is held at OPPO factory, which puts each camera under examination. The purpose of this test is to test the stability of images of the lens and the sensor.

The machine is utilized to install this OPPO Find X5 Pro that offers a three-degree and 6-Hz Frequency jitter Angle. In each second, the device sways around in the direction of back and forth up to six times at 3deg. This simulates the human hand’s shaking when shooting photos and videos. This test also incorporates an incline of 0.7deg that is utilized to 5 axis technology. Alongside the conventional OIS test, sensor-shift angles as well as the rotation are tested independently. This test is the first test in the technology industry and can lead to better optical stabilization.

Additionally, the tests were run with a shutter speed of 167 milliseconds. The speed is the same as of the vibration, to ensure the images appear sharp and not blurred or blurred.

The QE Reliability Lab of OPPO

The most rigorous phone testing by OPPO occurs in its QE Reliability Lab. This means that this OPPO Find X5 Pro is subject to the stringent testing process at the laboratory. Each phone is scrutinized in isolation to identify any issues or defects on the production side. This involves testing that is tortured within a short period of time in order to confirm that the phone’s ability to endure the toughest conditions in normal times of usage.

The phone is then examined to make sure it is in compliance with the stringent OPPO phone specifications. More than 150 tests are run over the phone to ensure it can withstand real-world challenges and stress. It is determined by falling from a 1-meter distance 300 times onto an un-porous surface. Similar to that, a simple fall of 1-to-1.5-meter distance on a hard surface is tested. This is to test the usual free-falling phenomenon of smartphones, which can happen at any time.

Another drop test for the OPPO phone allows it to fall down from a height of 10 centimeters for nearly 280000 times. These tests are performed to confirm the design quality of the X5 Pro.. Although some of the poorly built phone structures can’t take this kind of drop, X5 Pro is made to handle it.

The style for this model OPPO Find X5 Pro is covered with ceramic casing that has 1,000deg Celsius calcination. This casing is crafted using the strongest quality and durability to be sure it goes through numerous tests. This is all in line with the high requirements of OPPO and is the longest-lasting of the smartphone. Absolutely built to last The Find X5 Pro is strived by rigorous tests to ensure durability.

The cold and hot temperatures testing for the Find X5 Pro is also performed to determine the accuracy of the device. Each phone is maintained at a minimum temperature of 40 degrees in extreme cold weather. Another test involves keeping the phone at a 75-degree high temperature to test the hottest temperature it could reach. The phone is also subjected to tests in the water using 1.5m depth and 30 mins of hold time.

Vast 5G Frequency Bands

OPPO Discover X5 Pro is certain to come with the largest array of bands 5G. In order to keep 5G support all over the world to ensure maximum connectivity The phone has the capacity to serve millions of users. A separate lab from OPPO called the OTA lab is home to signal generators that test the antennas on mobile phones. These tests assess the effectiveness and strength of the signal in all scenarios. The 5G smartphone is tested in portrait and landscape directions to check the connectivity strength.

The antenna inside OPPO Find X5 Pro is created with care to ensure the most enjoyable user experience. This ensures the most pleasant experience on phone calls, video viewing and gaming. If the phone is running at a lower latency during the middle of games or videos it still meets the highest 5G connectivity requirements.

It is the OPPO Find X5 Pro is equipped to take knocks and bumps with no visible damage. Its power-resistant design leads to freezing, drenched drops that happen in the course of a situation and sweaty sweat situations. Other functions of the phone like fingerprint scanners buttons, sockets, and buttons on the phone are also tested more than 10,000 times.

Bottom Line

OPPO Find X5 Pro meets the industry standard, and actually raising quality up to the highest level of of durability. The ingenuous technology of this Android smartphone from OPPO is successfully tested on thousands of tests. It also enhances the quality of manufacturing for the phone to provide the longest possible time of usage.

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