Best Phones For Budgets 2022: Our Top 9 Mid-Range Smartphones Ranked

Best Phones For Budgets 2022

With the wide range of smartphones that are available that you don’t need to shell out PS800 and more just to get yourself a high-quality, feature-rich phone.

This wide array of choices is also a sign that there’s something to suit everyone, regardless of the budget you have and the features you have important to you. It includes a top-of-the-line camera as well as a bright display or even support for 5G connectivity, which will ensure that you have access to the most speedy speeds.

Top mid-range phones 2022

Best Phones For Budgets 2022 To make your purchase more enjoyable, we’ve listed the top nine affordable and mid-range smartphones that you can purchase within the UK today. There’s everything from the most powerful gaming phone as well as the most reliable handset with fast connectivity, to the most affordable phone that you can purchase at just PS100.

1 – iPhone SE: Best smartphone under PS420

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In 2022, the iPhone SE is the perfect phone if you’re looking to have access to Apple’s finest features without paying an exorbitant price. Although it costs just PS419 which is a savings of more than PS500 when compared with the iPhone 13 Pro The iPhone SE boasts many features normally reserved for Apple’s more expensive phones. This includes its incredibly robust A15 Bionic chip and IP67 water resistance, its amazing camera hardware, as well as wireless charging support.

There are certain features that can’t get in iPhone SE. iPhone SE, however. It doesn’t support Face ID, for example however, with Apple instead opting to implement the Touch ID sensor. There’s also no huge display that is high-resolution as Apple choosing to use the smaller 4.7-inch LCD display. A lot of people will be disappointed with the iPhone SE’s only lens that is rear-facing, and 12MP although we found it superior in producing vivid and detailed images.

In the iPhone SE, Apple has effectively taken a previous top model (the iPhone 8) that at the time of its debut was selling for around PS700 and has boosted the processor so that it’s capable of catching its more expensive rivals. The iPhone SE is not only efficient however, it’s also stylish. iPhone SE also boasts a amazing camera, impressive performance and a stunning design.

Read our full Apple iPhone SE review.

Of course, its affordable price is definitely its most significant selling feature, with the phone priced at PS419. There is also an iPhone SE pay monthly deal starting at PS25 monthly.

iPhone SE deals

2 OnePlus Nord 2 5G: the most budget-friendly 5G phone

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The OnePlus Nord range is quickly becoming one of the most well-known mid-range smartphones with the intention to offer a plethora of features to people on a budget. The latest model in the line called it’s the OnePlus Nord 2 – does exactly what it says on the tin. It comes with 5G connectivity as well as a stunning 6.3-inch screen with 90Hz, as well as an impressive 65W charger, that means it will fully recharge in less than 30 minutes.

One of the highlights of the Nord 2 5G by OnePlus is the triple camera configuration with the main lens with a resolution of 50MP. This is not only an array capable of creating precise, well-lit photos however, it also allows you can shoot video in 4K. It’s important to note that shooting 4K video can eat up your phone’s internal storage very fast, and there’s no possibility of expanding via microSD.

We were also awestruck by its performance on this OnePlus Nord 2 5G, particularly for the price. It doesn’t have any big name processors it does have the Dimensity 1200-AI chip. the phone is quick and smooth to use and handled every task we tried to throw at it easily.

Read our complete OnePlus Nord 2 5G review. The greatest thing about the OnePlus 2 5G is the price The phone can be purchased at just PS399 SIM-free.

OnePlus Nord 2 5G deals

3 3 Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: The best budget smartphone that competes with flagships.

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is the most expensive phone that we have reviewed, however it also has the highest number of features. It’s since the FE is designed to have the most crucial elements of the popular Galaxy S range, which is the reason why the initials in its name are a reference to “Fan Edition’.

This means that this makes the Galaxy S21 FE a must-have for anyone looking for an Samsung phone but do not have the funds to buy a premium flagship. It has a similar design to the top-of-the line Galaxy S21, a similarly-specced triple camera configuration. The Galaxy S21 also has a fantastic 6.4-inch FHD+ display that has the exact same tech, including Samsung’s Dynamic 2X screen technology that displays accurately dark scenes with 120Hz

The performance is in line with the flagship model, too. It’s a great phone. Galaxy S21 FE packs a top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. This does not mean it can take on every task that you put it through easily, but it is also equipped with the capability of high-speed 5G connectivity.

Take a look at our complete Samsung Galaxy S21 review of the FE . The only drawback to this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is its cost. If you’re interested in picking the phone with no SIM card it’s priced at PS699 as well as the 256GB version is priced at PS749. The basic Galaxy S21 128GB is on sale for PS769 and the larger variant with 256GB is available priced at PS819. There are also Galaxy S21 FE pay monthly plans starting at less than PS30 per month.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE deals

4 – Honor 50: Best Android smartphone for under PS500

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If you’re searching for a phone that costs less than PS500 then consider this model: the Honor 50. Even though it’s only PS449 and up, it stacks with its more expensive rivals thanks to its 6.57-inch OLED screen as well as its quad-camera system that’s backed by a massive 108 MP main lens.

It also comes with features that are typically reserved for flagship models of the highest quality like integrated capabilities for 5G-connected devices. It also has SuperCharge technology able to recharge the battery up to 70% in less than 20 minutes using the charger included and 120Hz refresh rate which allows for super-fast gaming and scrolling.

There are some issues However, there are some negatives. The design is non-detrimental – it has an attractive reflective back that’s like the most recent OnePlus flagships – it doesn’t have IP67 certification. It’s a reason it wouldn’t be able to withstand a drop into the water. The handset also has a large camera bump that makes it impossible to lay the phone flat on tables.

Read our complete Honor 50 review

For just PS449 SIM-free Honor 50 Honor 50 gives you a great value.

Honor 50 deals

Best phones for budgets 2022

5 – Samsung Galaxy A32 5G: Best budget phone for gamers


For those looking for a low-cost Samsung phone, but want to go less expensive then Samsung’s Galaxy FE, look no further than the Galaxy A32 5G, which costs just PS399 SIM-free. Although its low-resolution display as well as scratch-prone design can’t hold with Samsung’s premium smartphones, there’s plenty to love with it. Galaxy A32. It has a quad-camera setup, comes with lots of storage that is expandable through microSD. It also has an impressive processor, making it the perfect device for gamers on the go.

It’s not the only thing it has that the Galaxy A32 has going for it. While it does not have the Qualcomm processor, the device is equipped with 5G support. The battery is 5,020mAh, which means it can run for days without having to connect to a wall outlet. It also comes with Android 11 as a default and Samsung promising the coming years of updates.

Naturally there are a few of drawbacks to the Samsung Galaxy A32. We weren’t thrilled by the design’s plastic-like feel and we weren’t a fan of the hefty bezel that surrounds the nearly-inconstant 6.5-inch display. We were also dissatisfied by the lack of IP-ratings that means that should you drop the handset in the midst of a pool or a bathtub, it’s likely to survive.

Its Samsung Galaxy A32 5G can be bought for the PS399 SIM-free.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G deals

6 6 Motorola Moto G50 The best PS200 smartphone for under PS200

moto g200 review 5 thumb800

If you’re working on a very tight budget, the Motorola Moto G50 might be the phone to choose. Although it’s priced at PS200 it comes with features normally reserved for higher-priced devices including 5G connectivity to its huge 5KmAh battery. This makes it a durable device that will get through a whole day of intense usage without needing to be connected to a nearby outlet.

There will be some compromiseshowever. Although on paper this Moto G50 has an impressive number of features, some aren’t as good in actual testing. Its 6.5-inch IPS screen, for instance, comes with a low resolution of 720p, which means it’s not the best device for gamers who are ferocious or people looking for an ideal device to enjoy Netflix streaming sessions. The impressive triple-camera setup didn’t do well in dim lighting conditions, making it not the ideal device for budding smartphone photographers.

But, for PS200 it’s still an incredible amount to your dollar. There’s plenty of internal storage which can be extended via microSD slots on the motherboard and the performance is excellent because of its Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 chipset. It’s got an impressive 13MP front-facing camera which is great for video calls with family members and later-night Zoom quizzing.

This Moto G50 can be picked up with a PS200 SIM-free.

7 – Redmi Note 10 Pro: Best budget smartphone for TV streaming fans.

Its Redmi Note 10 Pro isn’t as expensive as its predecessor, the Moto G50 at just PS249 SIM-free, however it has better specifications. It gives its larger-name competitors the competition The Xiaomi-designed phone boasts an 6.67-inch LCD display with an AMOLED panel, a quad-camera configuration that includes a flagship-level 108MP main lens and an enormous battery of 5,020mAh. This creates a fantastic experience when watching streaming TV content via the.

Of of course, for a device at this price there are a few disadvantages. The in-built Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G chip delivers an average performance, while the 5MP depth sensor and telephoto aren’t as effective than those found on premium phones. But, considering you’ll save about PS700 as compared against Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, it’s worthwhile to sacrifice the savings you’ll make.

It is available for purchase on the Redmi Note 10 Pro is priced at PS249 SIM-free.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

8 – Nokia 1.4: Best phone under PS100

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Nokia 1.4 Nokia 1.4 is the cheapest phone on our list that retails for a price of PS89 SIM-free. That’s a good thing, because it’s not the most advanced phone that’s available, however it’s a remarkable device given its price. There’s the 6.51-inch HD+ display, an inbuilt fingerprint sensor, and dual lens rear camera which allows it to beat its price when it comes to affordable photography for smartphones.

For those who want an extremely efficient phone, you might think about spending an extra bit. It’s the Nokia 1.4 features a low-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 chipset, which is compatible with 2GB, 1GB or even 3GB this means that it’s not the best choice that is geared towards gamers with a high level of dedication or looking for a fast multitasking experience. Internal storage is available in 32GB, 16GB and 64GB capacities, and can be expanded to 128GB using microSD cards.

The battery life is remarkable However, the Nokia 1.4 has a battery lifespan of two days which is a lot longer than the majority of phones of today. falls from household surfaces all day long.”

It’s the Nokia 1.4 can be picked at a price of just PS89, which is a SIM-free.

9 – Oppo A72: Best phone under PS300

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The Oppo a72 punches over its weight when it comes down to specifications and performance. It is an all-rounder that is ideal for those looking for budget-friendly smartphones. The A72 is not only stylish on the outside, thanks to reflecting design but comes with a huge 6.5-inch super-high resolution display. It also features quad cameras that include an mains lens of 48MP and an mAh battery that can help it able to last for a full day of daily use.

Although it’s far from the most powerful phone that we’ve tested The Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chip falls far short of the chipmakers’ 7 or 8 series mobile processors, we did find it to be to be a reliable, capable device in particular when its sub-PS300 cost is considered.

Some may be dissuaded by the customized ColorOS skin, which is likely to create a split between users. Other users might be disappointed with its absence of support for 5G.

It is the Oppo A72 can be picked up to use a PS219 SIM-free.

Best Phones For Budgets 2022: Our Top 9 Mid-Range Smartphones Ranked

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