I Was Cheated During The Job Interview. How Can I Be Such An Idiot?

I Was Cheated During The Job Interview

“Sure that this could be a red flag however … I was taking my best chance. Therefore, I told her.”

I Was Cheated During The Job Interview In the beginning of the 1990s I had always had always wanted to have the role of Elaine Benes from “Seinfeld.” I Was Cheated During The Job Interview Her first job was as an editor in the publishing house. She then changed to become the director of J. The Peterman catalog, which is full of weird details of fashion items like The Urban Sombrero.

I was on my way by the mid 2000s. I had made it up the ladder of the freelance writer, to an editor of the beauty magazine. However, my husband and me decided to have a child and I decided to leave everything behind to experience the glamour and glamour of sleeping for 37 straight hours and becoming an unnatural peacemaker.

How Can I Be Such An Idiot Sixteen years have passed and I have two teenage children that don’t really need me now, so I made the decision to search for the full-time remote work. I was browsing job sites on the internet, wrote my resume along with a cover note, then then put myself out to the world. My advice is that a gap of 16 years isn’t really that much of a problem. In both cases, the age difference is a crime. How Can I Be Such An Idiot

I wasn’t fine.

Crickets actually were in my email.

How Can I Be Such An Idiot Did I set my sights too high? I mean, companies such as Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus were seeking Remote copy editors. So why wouldn’t be me? I had written and edited copy for a long time before having children. I still had mad skills. Perhaps they’d be willing to take a risk on me?

Evidently, Ralph Lauren and I failed to reach an agreement on this issue since I didn’t hear anything back from Ralph Lauren. Two months passed. I was rejected a few times however, in the majority of cases I understood what it was like to be a ghost. (I’m sure young people call it that nowadays.)

One day it was the day that it was a perfect day for the stars to align. A new jobopportunity, one that I was the perfect candidate for, appeared in one of those job boards websites one of which was a highly regarded Midwestern university was seeking editors for their magazines. I clicked”apply” and hit the “apply” option and within a couple hours, my pre-loaded resume was sent. My complete surprise and joy, a few hours later, I received an SMS message from a recruiter who explained that I met the requirements required for the job and that HR wanted to interview me.

I Was Cheated During The Job Interview
I Was Cheated During The Job Interview

Finally! My determination was paying off!

The recruiter informed me that the first informational interview would take place via chat messaging apps. In 1999 I was wearing a stylish Kasper suit, complete with massive shoulder pads for every interview due to it was the 90s were in full swing. I thought to myself that the world were changing since when I first started. Companies were conducting interviews through chat? Perhaps?

The HR director HR called me later in the afternoon. It was strange that it was all going so fast however, (a) there was nothing to do than school pick-up and (b) perhaps that meant they were extremely enthusiastic about interviewing me.The interview was a success. My interviewer introduced herself through chat, and we jumped right into. She explained the duties of the job , and then started asking me questions like: Are you an active participant in teams?

I responded to every question, and was satisfied that I didn’t have to respond in person or via Zoom. While I’m a professional writer, I do tend to lose my ability to speak in a sexy English when in a stressful environment. She apologized at some point for conducting her interview through chat, but then explained that it was the trend of the future. or something. I was not too concerned because I knew someone was looking for a reason apart from making them food or taking them to places.

How Can I Be Such An Idiot

The interviewer was very positive to my answers, stating that I was doing great and that I was a good candidate for the job. She also informed me about the amount the position paid (which was fantastic) and she asked me to answer any questions I might have. I inquired about which journal specifically I would be editing, since the university has several. The reply was, “That will be communicated to you in the event that you are chosen for this job.”

Weird. However, she told me that I was doing really well! I chose to ignore it.

“She apologized at some time that she conducted the chat over chat, but then explained that it was the norm in the future. or something. I didn’t really care because, well, someone was attracted to me by a reason apart from cooking them food or taking them to places.”

Then she began to ask more questions related to housekeeping Did I want to know if I was interested in getting paid every week or biweekly? Direct deposit or a paycheck?

I responded to each question thinking, “Weird,” but equally, “OMG. I’m sure they’ll employ me!”

Then her final question was: Which banking institution do you use to make sure it is in line with the official payroll accounts?

Before you criticize me, keep in mind that I am a 45 year old stay-at home mother who is yelled at by her children for daring to cook a vegetable stir-fry as dinner. I had never been taken to be this serious as an expert for nearly two years. It could be a red flag however, my brain changed the bright red color to a lovely pale pink . Then I added sparkles and glitter all over it to add some glam. This was my chance to win.

That’s what I told her.

She advised me to return to the chat by 9:00 a.m. the following day to begin the next stage of this hiring procedure. I thank her for her help and then closed my browser and ran at my home kitchen.

It was finally a time for someone to employ me! While it wasn’t an Elaine Benes-like work for descriptive catalogue writing I been hoping for but it was a step related to writing, and it was a relief to know that I had made a difference.

I’ll admit it, my gut had told me something was wrong and I resisted it. For a few of hours. I ended up going back onto the job board website to go over the description of the job. It  This was unusual as normally other job listings on the website that have many applicants tend to remain active for weeks.

I looked up other available positions at the university through the job board website. There were many that were available, but you had to apply for each of them through their career site. I applied for mine directly via the job board’s post.

A little panic began to take hold.

I looked through the university’s careers page. It did not mention an editor’s position.

I thought of calling the university. Just for enjoyment. To confirm that I indeed been interviewed by the director of HR. I specifically mentioned my person who I was interviewing, actually the person in charge of HR and asked them to confirm that this was the way they conduct interviews in general.

As I waited for my email to get a reply I was able to see things get really dim in my mind. Fast. A chat-based interview? A virtual job offer on the next day? without even speaking with me personally? Did I get high?

In a moment of panic and nausea, I realized I was fairly certain that I’d been fooled.

Then , it was confirmed within an hour and in the form an actual email from the actual university. I was informed that there was no way to interview them, that they were not offering an editor job and that, in fact, the HR director HR was not interviewed via chat. Then, I thanked them their prompt response, and made a comments about my desire to be interviewed by them one day, but then realized when I clicked the send button that they’d want not to work with an idiot who thought a chat interview was the norm.

While trying not to get too excited and fluttering around, I reread the interview and noted each piece of information I’d shared with the scum-sucking predators. They were aware of my name and the city I lived in, my bank account and also the fact that I think my greatest flaw is “perhaps being a bit too often until the point that ‘fixing the problem’ isn’t always likely to improve it since it is said that “Perfect isn’t the same as quality.'” I mentally considered that I might wish to pick a less offensive flaw.

What was it that went going on? What made me so foolish? I’ve always laughed at the people who were sucked into scams on the phone. I was sure I wouldn’t be a fool enough to be caught up in some kind of scam like that. I’ve never, not ever, ever taken anyone to offer an extended warranty for my car.

My husband called me and was screaming in hysterics, scared that this person was depleting our bank account while we talked. I was devastated and ashamed that I didn’t wish to share with my husband what had transpired. He assured me that it wasn’t a big deal and that the person/person/diabolical being could not make any sense of the little details I’d given them. I wasn’t sure.

I called to our bank and the friendly customer service representative said that the individual didn’t possess enough information to cause any harm. I then made a phone call at the identity theft firm I had a year-long free membership with. They were also of the opinion that it was unlikely for my identity to be stolen at this time.

I think this fraudster was playing the long-term game and their goal was to have me return in chat the next day and offer me a task, and request details about my bank account as well as Social Security numbers.

I wrote to the website for the job board informing them of the incident I pleaded with them to inform the other 79 applicants it was a scam, before it was too for them to know. I never heard back.

“What is it that’s going on? What made me stupid? I’d always laughed at those who were swindled by scams on the phone. I believed that I’d never be smart enough to be enticed by some kind of scam like that.”

It’s been a couple of months from “the event,” which is how I’ll always refer to it but I’m still very foolish, ashamed ignorant, and incompetent to hold any job since if I’m unable to be able to avoid being scammed in the time of applying for jobs what am I going to do to be successful in an actual workplace?

I’m far from being Elaine Benes. However, this isn’t entirely accurate. The truth is that, I’m not yet on the verge of becoming the Elaine Benes from the episode in which J. Peterman himself discovers her on the New York City sidewalk in the drizzle and suggests she take a position in his catalog. However, I am not, however, an Elaine Benes in the episode in which she goes to interview for the dream job she’s always wanted with Viking Press, pretends she’s not from the area and they’ll let her stay in the Plaza but ignores a book which she’s required to review, and looks at helplessly as chaos takes place and then blows the interview. She desperately tries to explain an interviewer “But I don’t know what you’re talking about! My friend was plagued by fleas! My other friend was unable to enjoy his peaches!”

That’s me, the Elaine whom I am.

Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to get upgraded to Elaine Benes who is tasked with selecting the perfect set of tube socks in white for her picky boss Ms. Pitt. A girl can dream.

While this may be an important cautionary tale for prospective job applicants, I’m aware this is an embarrassing aspect of myself. I listened to my own instincts and sat through this sham appointment because I wanted to feel liked. Valued. Successful.

At this point at this point in my career, after having been at home with my children for nearly two decades, I’m the pressure to be more. Who’s putting me under pressure? Nobody in particular, and simultaneously everybody. Each time I see ads for peanut butter or laundry detergent featuring a woman who is not just enjoying a wonderful relationship with her children who behave well but is also a slug in her job and I feel the stress. Each time I speak to the mom who’s made the decision to return to the job market so that “my children will respect my work,” I feel the stress. Without experiencing a panic attack? If I land the perfect job do I feel that I’m good enough?

I’m not sure. Based on what’s happened this week, it seems like I’m probably more in need of feeling valued than I’d like to admit, regardless of how much it will cost me.

In the event that I’ve learned any lesson from being scammed, it’s that must be more confident in myself regardless of my job situation. Like my self-worth should not be solely determined by the value I have as mother, it definitely isn’t determined by the type of job I’ll be able to be offered.

I would suggest to value yourself as you are.

For God’s sake Don’t tell whom you have bank accounts. Thank you, Lord.

All six of her books reside on her laptop. She dreams of being rescued from the ashes by a kind publishing agent, or literary agency. In her spare time, Meredith is baking, knitting, and trying to come up with food that her family can eat without being grumpy.

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