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The small size and ergonomic comfort make up the top keyboards with 60 percent of the keys.

Best Keyboards For Gaming – One of the smaller keyboards 60 percent keyboards usually comprise between 62 and 68 keys with the exception of the number pad row functions (F1 to F12) as well as arrow keys and other miscellaneous keys, Best Keyboards For Gaming such like “home” and “delete.” They are often referred to as “compact” or “programming” keyboards 60 percent models have seen a rise in popularity due to the rise of custom mechanical keyboards that is driven by tech YouTubers, Twitch streamers and esports professionals. The top 60 percent keyboards provide comfortable elegant, ergonomic, and stylish typing experience.

Best Mechanical Keyboard However, they’re small in comparison to the larger full-size or TKL aspects. There aren’t any keyboards this large from popular peripheral brands like Apple and Logitech. The majority of keyboards are produced by the gaming and enthusiast brands, Best Mechanical Keyboard with models that range from slim and simple to loud and vibrant. However, there are plenty of excellent options for people who want to reduce their keyboard’s footprint on their desk without the need to create an personalized keyboard completely by hand. We’ve compiled a list of the top 60 percent keyboards that will help you comprehend the value of this slim keyboard size.

  • Best overall: Ducky One 2 Mini
  • Ideal for gaming: ASUS ROG Falchion
  • The best wireless Enjoy Hacking Professional Hybrid Wireless
  • Ideal for typing: Drop ALT
  • Best price: Anne Pro 2
  • Best ergonomics: Kinesis TKO
  • The best low-profile: Fnatic Streak65 LP

What we chose to pick the best keyboards with 60 percent accuracy

Best Keyboards For Typing My experience has been as an avid PC gamer for the majority of my existence, as well as writing professionally for the bulk of my professional life. Best Keyboards For Typing  Both require lots of time on keyboards. Additionally, my personal experience with various keyboards has taught me the key factors that make a keyboard excellent.

Best External Keyboard To select the top keyboards that are 60 percent efficient We tapped into our collective knowledge of keyboards on PopSci and also consumer and professional reviews from on the internet. Best External Keyboard We analyzed the myriad of aspects that make an excellent keyboard, including case design and connections options for software ergonomics, keycap print and, of course the typing experience. We mostly focused on 60 percent keyboards. However, we additionally included keyboards with 65 percent that typically include Arrows, as well as a few additional keys to create a smaller size.

What do you need to think about before purchasing a keyboard with a 60% percentage

Best External Keyboard If you usually use a full-size , or even an TKL keyboard, switching to a more compact model could appear like a shift. If you’re ready to make the leap choosing a compact keyboard isn’t different from choosing any other type. Here are a few most important questions we ask ourselves before deciding on a keyboard:

What keys do you really require?

Best Keyboard For Work Keyboards are available in a range of sizes. The most sought-after sizes are the full-size (104plus keys) and tenkeyless, also known as TCLs (about 85 keys) 65 per cent (67-70 keys) and 60 % (62-65 keys). Best Keyboard For Work As keyboards shrink they begin to lose more keys, which includes those that are used frequently. The standard 60 percent of keyboards do not have the number pad and function row, arrows and other keys like the delete and home keys. There are pros and cons of using a smaller keyboard on the positive side it occupies less space. On the flip side you’ll need to make use of additional shortcuts or hotkeys in order to use inputs that require a separate button on the larger keyboard. Before you make the switch to another keyboard, take a close examination of the way the keyboard is used every day and determine if it will simplify your life or if it will unnecessarily hinder your typing.

The has small adjustment time

The layout also changes the layout: 60 percent keyboards are compressed into one block of keys without any space. Between the keys that are dropped along with shortcut keys and the new keyboard layouts, you must be prepared for a slight learning curve in the transition to a smaller-sized keyboard. This doesn’t mean you’ll instantly lose your ability you type. However, be prepared to type slower and have more mistakes the initial few weeks of using the keyboard.

Wireless or wired?

For the majority of everyday computing devices, a wireless keyboard can be an excellent way to simplify your work and allow yourself more freedom in how you put your keyboard (and your self). There are still good reasons to utilize an electronic keyboard it is especially useful in the case of games or create content using your computer.

Best Keyboard For Programming A lot of Bluetooth keyboards especially ones that are connected via Bluetooth and Bluetooth, can introduce a tiny amount of input lag, or latency. The definition of latency is an apparent gap between the moment you hit a button or key and when the event you trigger happens. Most people will find that the Bluetooth keyboard won’t cause any noticeable latency when typing. If you play games or perform an activity that requires precision timing, it can be a problem. However, for gamers? A delay can make the difference between winning or defeat.

Best Keyboard For Students Gaming companies have come up with an alternative wireless technology with the 2.4GHz connection and a wireless USB dongle. If you’re looking to purchase a gaming keyboard wireless this connection is a crucial feature. However, wired connections are the most reliable and stable. Furthermore, wireless keyboards are typically higher priced than their basic wired counterparts. Best Keyboard For Students

What do you like that your keyboard feel, sound, and even feel?

Contrary to the majority of laptop or budget keyboards however, most keyboards with mechanical switches. In contrast to the keys on the ultra-thin or laptop keyboards mechanical switches are spring-loaded mechanisms under each keycap, which triggers the input. When they are pressed, they emit distinct sounds and offer more feedback from the physical. Best Keyboard For Programming

Key switches are available in a range of designs, ranging from noisy “clicky” switches to streamlined “linear” ones. Selecting a type of switch is an essential element in the way your keyboard feels and sound when you use it. Learn more about switches by reading our top Mechanical keyboards guide or by visiting websites like the Mechanical Keyboard. Best Keyboard For Programming

The most efficient 60 % keyboards Review & Recommendations

Best Keyboards For Gaming The top 60 percent of mechanical keyboards available today come from a variety of brands for gamers and enthusiasts such as Ducky, Best Keyboards For Gaming Asus, Drop and Fnatic. Each of them offers a great typing experience, and comes with each having its own distinct blend of features. With a lot of our suggestions you are able to pick the key switches you prefer be sure to choose the model you’d like before clicking “buy.”

Best overall: Ducky One 2 Mini

Razer BlackWidow 2019 Close Up

What made it to the cut even as a keyboard that is 60 percent and mouse, this Ducky One 2 Mini has plenty of personality and allows for customization via an onboard input layer. Best Keyboard For Programming


    • Keys Number: 61
    • Interface: USB wired
    • Switch choices:Assorted Cherry, Gateron, Kailh Box, TTC


  • Excellent typing feel
  • Top-quality keycaps made of high-quality materials with clear legends
  • Custom profiles are saved onboard


  • Customization can be difficult to understand
  • More than average latency

Best Keyboards For Gaming Simply put it, Simply put, the Ducky One 2 Mini is an impressive keyboard that is 60 percent efficient. While it isn’t as stylish or fancy software, it does make up for in construction quality, and has a superb keyboard body, keycap and the feel of the key switches. The keyboard is enjoyable.

Any person who is grieving the loss the function of arrow keys or even the arrow keys can be at ease with this Ducky One 2 Mini. Like 60 percent of keyboards each key performs double duty and can input additional commands using keys such as Fn. Each key is equipped with legends printed on the side that reveal its hidden function which makes this keyboard more accessible to users unfamiliar with the 60 percent design.

Best Mechanical Keyboard The top quality of the build, the plug-and-play style as well as the ability to change backlighting settings and a well-designed keycap makes the Ducky One 2 Mini one of the most user-friendly keyboards with a 60 percent rate to recommend.

Ideal for gaming: ASUS ROG Falchion

Roccat Vulcan 100 Hero 1024x683 1

The reason it made the selection: A smart design and touch-based volume control and wireless connectivity that is low latency create this ROG Falchion among the best and most user-friendly gaming keyboards available.


  • Keys Number: 71
  • Interface: USB wired, RF wireless
  • Switch choices: Cherry, ROG NX


  • Wireless and wired connectivity
  • Touch-based volume slider
  • Simple customization using Asus software.


  • Lighting customization requires a separate app

Best Mechanical Keyboard Its name, the ASUS ROG Falchion appears rather basic on first sight. If you take a closer look but you’ll see one of the top gaming keyboards that is packed with unique options and thoughtful design decisions.

Best Keyboards For Gaming The primary reason we are awestruck by ROG Falchion is that ROG Falchion is the fact that it connects to your computer via wired connection or wirelessly. We were especially impressed by the wireless connectivity that offers a reliable low latency connection that is perfect for gaming. It also has a long battery life of up to 350 hours (if you turn off the RGB light off).

Best Keyboards For Gaming The Falchion comes with a fairly large number of extra features to make a small keyboard, such as a custom adjustable volume slider using a touchscreen. When it is stored in the wireless dongle that comes with it, it slot magnetically into a handy slot on high on the front of the device, which makes it perfect to take on trips.

In exchange for a larger size, the ROG Falchion makes a fantastic Best Keyboards For Gaming console with its connectivity options and layout that is 65 percent with volume sliders, arrows and a robust software customisation.

Wireless that is the best: Thank you for Hacking Professional Hybrid Wireless


What made it to the cut The minimalist design, distinctive Topre switch keys and reliable multipoint Bluetooth connectivity of the Happy Hacking Professional Hybrid Wireless keyboard makes it perfect for multi-device typing.


  • Keys number: 60
  • Interface: USB wired, Bluetooth
  • Options for switching:Topre


  • Unique Topre key switches
  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Swap between four connected devices


  • Very expensive
  • Learning curve
  • Windows-only customized app for Windows

Best Keyboards For Gaming Its Happy Hacking professional hybrid wireless keyboard is designed to provide a unique typing experience. A simple, retro style is combined with a unique switch to provide an amazing typing experience.

The main ingredient in Happy Hacking’s incredible typing feel comes from it’s Topre keys. Japanese Topre switches combine elements of membrane and mechanical switches. While other membrane and “hybrid” switches are often avoided, Topre is widely beloved by fans. It is a good thing that they are lightweight, steady and comfortable. They have more bass than other types of switches.

In contrast to similar Happy Hacking keyboards, this model is able to connect wirelessly or wired to a variety of devices using Bluetooth 4.2. We have never experienced connection or latency issues. We also loved the battery’s life of three months using AAA batteries.

Although its minimalist design may not be ideal for everyone, Happy Hacking professional hybrid wireless can provide a fantastic wireless typing experience, thanks its Topre switches and a steady connection. Best Mechanical Keyboard

Best typing feel: Drop ALT


The reason it made the selection: The Drop ALT’s high-end build quality and interchangeable keys make it an ideal choice for those who want the best typing experience.


  • Keys number:67
  • Interface: USB wired
  • Switch choices:Cherry, Halo, Kaihua


  • Amazing quality of construction
  • Top-quality switches and keycaps
  • Hot-swappable


  • Expensive
  • The Web-based configuration app is difficult to use.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Drop ALT Drop ALT is an enthusiast keyboard that offers amazing build quality and typing experience that is unsurpassed. It isn’t equipped with fancy features such as Bluetooth connection or volume controls. Instead Drop ALT Drop ALT is focused on the quality of its construction, featuring an aluminum frame that is all-aluminum, sturdy and legible keys and magnetic feet that can be adjusted and a stunning backlighting. We were particularly impressed by the inclusion of a second USB-C port that lets us easily connect other accessories, such as gaming controllers or mice.

Although it’s true that the Drop ALT doesn’t feature wireless connectivity or an exceptional level of software customisation, it does provide more physical tweaking via hot-swappable keys. This means that you can change out the individual switches, mixing and matching to give you the perfect typing experience. For people who enjoy typing and hot-swapping as well as incredible build quality Drop ALT is a must. Drop ALT sets a high-water standard for compact keyboards.

Best price: Anne Pro 2

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What was chosen: The Anne Pro 2 provides wireless as well as Bluetooth connectivity, a solid typing experience, and great software support for less than $100.


  • Keys Number: 61
  • Interface: USB wired, Bluetooth
  • Switch choices:Cherry, Gateron, Kailh Box


  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Great software to customize
  • Swap between four connected devices


  • Wireless connectivity is not based on dongles.
  • Periodic interruptions

Anne Pro 2 Anne Pro 2 does the impossible: It delivers good functionality and a fantastic typing experience with a 60 percent keyboard without costing an arm and leg.

For less than $100 this Anne Pro 2 gives you wired and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It has the option of switching between four different devices while in wireless mode. It also comes with powerful software-based customisation. It is easy to adjust the key inputs, alter wireless settings, program keys backlighting, or even design customized commands with the user-friendly ObinsKit application.

The excellent connectivity, software and the feel of typing make Anne Pro 2 an excellent budget 60 percent keyboard , on the merits of its features. The cost of just $89.00 is just the cherry to the cake. Best Mechanical Keyboard

Best ergonomic: Kinesis TKO

71fcMnaWpHL. SL1500

The reason it was chosen There aren’t many keyboards that are 60 percent allow you to modify ergonomics in the same way that it does with the Kinesis TKO does. With four extremely adjustable feet that allow you to tent, tilt and incline your way to a comfortable position.


  • Keys number: 63
  • Interface: USB wired
  • Options for switching: Kailh Box


  • Adjustable tilt and angle
  • Spacebar with three buttons
  • Hardshell case included


  • Software customization can be confusing.

If you’re considering the 60 percent design primarily to improve ergonomics, the Kinesis TKO takes ergonomic customization to a whole new level. 60 percent keyboards typically provide comfortable gaming ergonomics because they make it easy move your mouse while making it easier to control wrist movements. The Kinesis TKO bolsters ergonomic control by putting not two, but 4 feet under the case which lets you change the tilt direction and “tent” your keyboard by raising the left or right sides. Another unique feature that is unique to Kinesis TKO Kinesis TKO is the split spacebar. While you are able to make use of a spacebar that is traditional however, the TKO comes with three spacebars that are smaller that are programmed to provide various inputs.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Aesthetically, the keyboard is attractive, with adjustable keyboards that have backlights as well as bar lights to highlight both sides of the keyboard. Although the lights are entertaining but the main selling point to this keyboard Kinesis TKO is its ergonomic choices for angling.

Low-profile best: Fnatic Streak65 LP

k70 rgb pro 1 1

What got the nod: The Fnatic Streak65 LP’s small keys provide an easy and fast experience that is ideal for typing and gaming. The light appearance and compact size are ideal for small areas.


  • The Keys Number:68
  • interface:USB Wired
  • Change Options Fnatic Speed


  • Excellent switches that are low-profile and low-profile.
  • Compact design
  • Newly upgraded keycaps


  • Software allows limited modification

It is the Fnatic Streak65 LP is an gaming-oriented keyboard with low-profile keys that “travel” less distance between the upright position and when fully press. A low-profile keyboard can mean sacrificing convenience for a slim keyboard, or for inputs that are quicker. With the Streak65, however, you’ll have the most desirable of both with a comfortable typing experience as well as quick action. It also comes with some distinctive bells and whistles to create the keyboard that is 60 percent that include four macro keys you can personalize using the Fnatic OP program.

Best Mechanical Keyboard There are some flaws However. The keyboard’s compact design is a little cramped even when compared to smaller keyboards. However, the compact and light-weight design makes it the Streak 65 LP ideal for tiny spaces and for competitive players who take their keyboards.


Q What’s a 60% keyboard?

Like the name suggests that a keyboard with a 60% percentage has 62 keys, that is, 60 percent of keys on the 104 keys that make up the full-size keyboard. The smaller keyboards generally do not include the number pad functions row, arrow keys, and other keys. It’s one of the smallest keyboards available and is a tiny comfortable, portable, and comfortable experience.

Q: What will a keyboard with a 60% percentage cost?

60 percent keyboards generally be more expensive than bigger keyboards due to of their size, however not by much. Popular 60 percent budget keyboards such as that of the Royal Kludge RK61 are available for as low as $50. We’ve discovered that the majority of our most-loved keyboards that are compact cost about $100. Prices aren’t much different between 60 or 65 percent of keyboards.

Do 60 percent keyboards appropriate for daily use?

A lot of people find that 60 percent keyboards can be ideal for daily use. If you’d like more space at your desk, and you seldom use a number keyboard or function keys, a keyboard with a 60% percentage will give you a smoother typing experience.

Q What is the reason that gamers use 60 percent of keyboards?

Players, especially competitive ones prefer keyboards that are compact since it is easier to tilt them in an angle while playing. By tilting your keyboard toward your hand that is not dominant gives more space the mouse has to travel and also reduces wrist movements. If you’re interested in knowing more, read our list of most effective game keyboards.

Q: Which 60% of keyboards have the most efficient switches?

There are many keyboards that can utilize multiple types of switches, meaning there’s no one keyboard that is the most efficient. Most commonly linear switches, like those on the Cherry MX reds are the ones that require the least amount of force to operate, which makes them appear “faster.”

Do 60 percent keyboards betterthan others?

60 percent keyboards do not superior to any other type of keyboard. Certain people prefer 60 percent keyboards due to their compact dimensions and minimalist design. Some prefer full-size keyboards that have the most number of keys. Others prefer TKL models to achieve an even balance between both. Everybody has their own personal preference for keyboards that’s why we’ve written numerous articles on the top keyboards.

The final thoughts regarding the most effective 60 % keyboards

The most efficient keyboards that are 60 percent are great for gamers and typists who want an easier, less bulky experience. Anyone who can’t be content without the function keys, number pad keys, or the arrow keys ought to consider this sleek and minimalist way of typing. For the rest of us There are many bigger keyboard options that we recommend such as the most ergonomic keyboards that are designed for people who have wrist and hand pain.

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