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The record-breaking price of gold throughout July has left many wondering how they could make the most of their gold in physical form.

How To Take A Gold Loan In India is the second largest gold consumer and its citizens attach an immense value in the culture of gold bars, HDFC GOLD LOAN coins as well as jewellery that is given and held. How To Take A Gold Loan In India n fact, in an interview with the Indian financial daily Financial Express last November, the director of the World Gold Council revealed that Indian households had accumulated up to 250,000 tonnes of HDFC GOLD LOAN.

A lot of people who have gold reserves are considering the possibility of obtaining gold loans to meet their financial obligations and Indian financial institutions have many choices available. Banks and gold loan companies have seen a rise in demand for loans made from gold over the past three months following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Gold Loan Calculator Find out how customers can avail the gold loan in India and learn how a loan performs compared to personal loans.

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How To Take A Gold Loan In India and Why

To get a gold loan Customers have three choices:

1) Visit a HDFC GOLD LOAN Bank Branch to Get Your Gold Evaluated

HDFC GOLD LOAN – Customers may visit the closest branch of the gold loan with their jewelry as along with silver bars, or gold coins they would like to pledge together with the essential Know Your Customer (KYC) Gold Loan Calculator documents to verify their identity as well as their address. The bank will then estimate the value of your jewelry and offer a gold loan amount, usually from 7 to the interest rate.

2) Ask to step on your golden door.

Customers can apply for door-to-door gold loans provided by banks and non-banking financial firms (NBFCs). When customers select this option the financial company assigns an executive from the company to their residence to assess their gold jewellery in person and then decide and approve an amount of credit. The amount is later transferred to the account of the customer.

HDFC GOLD LOAN For security reasons, you must confirm the identity of corporate executives scheduled to be present in advance.

How to take gold loan in india
How to take gold loan in india

3) Apply for a Gold Loan Digitally

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Customers may apply for a gold loan through the digital route which is where the bank or NBFC assists them in selecting the best loan options via their website or mobile-based digital service. Consumers can compare interest rates and choose the best option available to them. The financial institution then confirms that the customer is a person with by obtaining their Aadhaar card information and also through an electronic KYC procedure. Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

If the client decides to surrender the bars or gold jewelry by making a pledge against the gold loan disbursal decision made by the financial institution They receive the receipt, which is also known as the pawn ticket. It gives all the information concerning the jewelry that was pledged (including the weight, karatage, images, among other information).

From then on the financial institution ensures safe storage of the gold transferred until the gold is not received back by the client upon the repayment of their loan. If the borrower is unable to pay back the capital loan the lender reserves the right to retain the loan and sell it for the purpose of regaining the capital. To avoid this situation the customer is required to pay on time and, in bad conditions, negotiate the repayment terms of their loan. Sbi Gold Loan Calculator

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How Does a Gold Loan Work?

The lender assesses the jewelry pledged on the basis of its weight and purity, and then confirms the ownership and identity of the jewellery documents before granting an amount for a loan, commonly called”the LTV (loan in value). Sbi Gold Loan Calculator

Credit limit is which is similar to an overdraft account at a bank and is authorised in the amount of 75 percent of the market value of the gold ornaments. The LTV has been banned by the Reserve Bank of India, the regulator of Indian banks. The amount is able to be taken out by the customer whenever they need to. When the loan is repaid the borrower has the option of reselling the gold to be used to be used for loans in the future.

Consumers are not required to repay the loan in monthly installments.. They have the option of instead of making bullet payments that are the payment in one lump sum to cover the entire outstanding loan amount, typically when the loan is due to mature.

At the time of maturity, the client is able to either pay the amount outstanding or close their account, or extend the duration by repledging the jewelry in the same amount as the LTV.

There is no limit to the number of times a customer can pledge their gold, this means that the loan can be extended as long as is needed.

Pros of Taking a Gold Loan

Existing Asset Can Be Used

In the event of a gold-based loan, the borrower can offer the coins and gold bars they already have. This gives the borrower the benefits of owning the jewelry and can take the loan whenever they need. The jewellery can be returned to the client in a secure manner once the loan has been paid back or it can be used again.


It is not a limit to the amount of time that the same jewellery item or bars or gold coins can be offered for pledge. It allows consumers to borrow on an asset. This feature is exclusive to gold loans, in contrast with personal loans in which loans are based on the ability of the client to pay back the loan. In the case of personal loans, a second credit from the exact same bank company is completely dependent on the ability of the borrower to repay the loan in the moment.

Bullet Payments

The main benefit of a gold-backed loan is that it allows you to pay the loan’s principal and interest in the lump sum rather than the usual method to pay back other types of loans, such as equated monthly installments or EMIs.

This feature encourages small business owners and traders, who may be in financial pressures taking gold loans in lieu of other loan options, where monthly EMIs can be a burden for the borrower starting from the next month following the approval of the loan.

Cons of Taking a Gold Loan

Lower LTV

When you take out a gold-based loan, the bank decides on the amount to be paid out based on the price of the precious metal that is pledged. The loan-to-value or LTV amount varies for different lenders, and the total worth of gold might not be realized. The customers, therefore, could get a lower LTV on the gold that they pledged.

Priced Gold Asset Could Be Lost

If a client is unable to pay the loan the lender has the right to take the jewellery off the market as well as the asset of gold they pledged in exchange for the loan. If a borrower is not able to pay the loan then they can ask an institution to increase the term of the loan to delay an eventual auction of the pledged amount of gold. The extension could result in an additional fee, which the clients are required to pay.

This is one of the major drawbacks of an investment in gold in the event where the jewelry that is will be valued more than the amount of value but also sentimental worth. Jewelry passed from generation to generation might also be considered antique that could make an asset more than the amount of the loan that was disbursed.

Credit scores can be deducted by default.

A borrower does not have to be concerned over their credit rating while applying for a gold loan however, in the event of being unable to meet the loan’s repayment obligations your credit score may be affected, as a default would result in a decline. The companies that offer gold loans are particularly about notifying credit score companies regarding their defaulters. the downgrade can reduce the likelihood of a borrower getting different types of loans.

Gold Loans against. Personal Loans

Apart from increasing the worth of the gold that is kept at home Gold loans may offer other advantages that draw clients in comparison to personal loan. Let’s see how they compare to each other.

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