Terms and Conditions

This agreement includes a binding arbitration clause. Please read the terms and conditions carefully prior to using our services.


Avltechno is an online technical support company. The agreement takes place between you, the subscriber and the Avltechno. Therefore, it is essential to carefully read these terms and conditions prior to applying for, using, applying or subscribing towards the Avltechno services. By agreeing to use, apply for or purchase the services, you also accept and agree to the terms and conditions presented here. If you do not want to agree to these terms and conditions then do not apply, accept, use or purchase the services. The technical support services are available for limited time. Failing to use the services within specified period of subscription will not allow refund of paid fees.

The terms and conditions mentioned below (the “Agreement”) comprises of a binding agreement between Avltechno and the subscriber regarding to your service purchase. To get the services, you need to agree to the agreement. You must also agree that failing to obey the terms and conditions will void all the responsibilities of Avltechno hereunder.


“Avltechno website” denotes the Avltechno website which is providing services to you (subscriber). The Avltechno website includes pricing information and other important information regarding the services being offered to the subscribers. Services might not be available separately and hence all services will not be available at all times. “Malware” indicates any programs or files recognized by Avltechno, in its absolute or sole discretion, as being dangerous or harmful to your PC operation. “Services” indicates Avltechno services that include Total PC solution’s email as well as phone-based computer optimization and cleaning services as mentioned by Avltechno website. The services offered in the website includes virus removal, internet login protection, email account setup, printer support, general troubleshooting services in computer, software installation, virus diagnosis, PC tune-up and many more. These services are subject to modify without any notice and Avltechno might modify or discontinue the services with its sole circumspection. “Software” indicates any software employed by means of Avltechno in association with any services. “Subscription Period” indicates to the time-period which a subscriber is found eligible to get the technical services. The subscription period starts on the date on which services are subscribed and hence terminates after the specified time from the subscription date.


The services are offered only through internet chat, remote desktop sharing and phone. The services are delivered depending upon subscriber’s contacting the Avltechno support person as mentioned on the website of Avltechno. The subscriber must approve the Avltechno to configure their computers and ignore unwanted files to make the computer operation smooth as possible. Subscriber provides Avltechno with full permission to modify the registry of your computer receiving the services in times of need so as to offer the services. The service might also require extra software. Subscriber provides the Avltechno with permission to configure, install and employ such software on the computer of subscriber.


To offer services, the Avltechno must access the computer getting the services through internet. Subscriber may also assist Avltechno in any way to diagnose the computer as well as use the services. Failing to fully cooperate with representative of Avltechno shall be regarded as violation of this agreement. All steps and instructions taken in offering the services will be left to the Avltechno agent’s sole discretion. Subscriber warrants that usage of the services fulfills with all applicable network and computer policies. Before getting the services from Avltechno, the subscriber will have administrator rights for their computer and have all data backed up. Subscriber must provide accurate and correct computer information to Avltechno.


The services are liable to change without prior notice. Services do not include hardware repair services, expected profits or losses. Avltechno will not provide assurance against loss of data, information or any file. Subscriber is responsible for safely storing and backup of all their necessary data, files and information. Avltechno does not assure complete recovery of corrupt or lost or deleted data or damaged or lost files.

The extent and scope of the services will be restricted to the options chosen by the subscriber while registering for the services. The performance scope of the services will be offered in any manner Avltechno views it. However, Avltechno does not assure that any of the services will be offered or available in all cases.


The services are offered only through internet chat so access to internet is needed to get such services. Subscriber needs to have broadband internet connection so as to receive services from Avltechno. Subscriber is solely accountable for offering a broadband internet connection and hence access to its computers. Any disconnection or interruption in internet services might limit the subscriber’s ability to obtain the services. However, Avltechno does not provide any warranties or representations for the quality or availability of service or the execution of services in timely manner. Subscriber must authorize the Avltechno so as to accept, download, use and install software as well as third-party software on their behalf.

Quality of Services

All services will be offered by making use of commercially reasonable efforts. Avltechno creates no warranties to fully restore the computer to working mode, fix problems or remove any viruses. However, our goal is to restore all computer operations to be extremely functional and increase efficiency and speed of the computer.

Special Promotions

Avltechno occasionally provides special promotions for getting their services, comprising of free 30-day trial period. If a subscriber registers for any special promotion, then Avltechno will gather payment details from the subscriber. Normally, credit card information is needed to access the free-trial. After the termination of trial period, the subscribers will be automatically billed for their services which were subscribed by them during free trial unless Avltechno receives email notification of the cancellation of services prior to the end of the free trial period. Annual subscription will expire after one-year from the end of trial period. However, Avltechno will not be responsible for providing further notification to the subscriber regarding the trial period expiration before billing the credit card of subscriber for getting services. Subscriber is fully responsible for ensuring that they unsubscribe from any unnecessary services before to the end of trial-period. Moreover, no refunds will be offered in case of failing to cancel the services. The free-trials as well as other promotional offers are available only for one subscriber. Avltechno has the right to revoke or deny the free-trial for any reason at any time.

Term and Termination

For subscription-based services, it is most effective for a one-year subscription for services. Single-usage services expire when the chat with Avltechno representative is terminated. Additionally, the Avltechno might cancel the services at any moment if Avltechno, in its judgment considers that subscriber’s usage of the services seems to be excessive, inappropriate, abusive or conflicting with scope of services. The breach of this agreement terms will instantly terminate subscriber’s subscription to any services or else restrict subscriber’s access to the services. Refunds will not be offered in such cases.

Subscribers are permitted to purchase or extend subscriptions to services by means of Avltechno website.


Subscriber has to pay Avltechno the set forth amount to obtain any services. Moreover, the amount must be paid fully so as to receive the services.


Information gathered and employed by Avltechno is administered by means of privacy policy of Avltechno. This agreement includes the Avltechno privacy polity. By agreeing to this agreement, subscriber is acknowledging that they have read and understand all the terms related to privacy policy. The Avltechno representative might need to download, use and run software on the computer of the subscriber so as to assist in diagnosing as well as resolving all sorts of computer complications. Such software might include utilities, toolbars, as well as other tools which permits Avltechno to enhance their computer performance as well as to solve technical problems. The usage of the diagnostic software is to agree to the license agreements as well as terms and conditions connected with it. Subscriber has to be bound to obey all such agreements. Avltechno might monitor as well as record the services comprising of online sessions. These recording are mainly for enhancing the customer service, internal market research and internal training. Avltechno might disclose these recordings as well as any other information so as to satisfy any regulation, law or governmental request and to operate the services properly.


Any software is offered to the subscriber in its original form by the Avltechno and the usage of the software must be handled at subscriber’s own risk. The software might contain errors, bugs as well as other associated problems which could create data loss or failure of system. Avltechno does not guarantee for the performance of software or hence does not guarantee that any software will function in accordance with the accompanying documentation of software. To the utmost extent allowed by law, Avltechno disclaims all warranties whether implied or expressed, at law or in equity, incorporating implied guarantees of merchantability, non-infringement, fitness for specific purpose and quality. Avltechno does not guarantee that the services will fulfill all the needs or requirements subscriber may have. If local laws do not permit the waiver or prohibiting of implied warranties, this will not apply.

Limitation of Liability

Except as specifically provided herein, Avltechno as well as its affiliates, agents, employees, supplies and licensors shall not be accountable for (i) any indirect, special, direct, incidental, punitive, exemplary or consequential destructions resulting from (a) any malware found in the computer, (b) usage of services, (c) inability or delay in using or claiming the services, (d) unauthorized 3rd-party access to computer, (e) any products, services or information gathered in relationship with the services. Avltechno is not responsible for any procurement costs of substitute services or goods. On no account will Avltechno accept liability for claims beyond by the fees paid by subscriber to Avltechno.

Fair Usage Policy

Subscribers are free to use unlimited numbers of online technical support and telephone requests during the time of subscription. Support sessions are restricted to the technical support questions only, but the Avltechno agents, at their sole discretion, may choose to offer guidance in application usage or other support. All subscribers can use the support services which are subject to “fair use” policy of Avltechno. If at any time, in the Avltechno’s sole discretion, a subscriber is found to abuse the service by exceeding the usage level reasonably obtained from the subscription based plan then Avltechno has the right to terminate or suspend the subscription services of subscriber. In addition to that, Avltechno will terminate the subscription in its sole discretion in terms of being used (a) by more than one person, (b) fraudulently (c) for a computer not included in the registered system. User can terminate the service at any period by providing electronic or written notice to the Avltechno, however, the user will not be permitted a refund of any prepaid fees for the services.

Force Majeure

Avltechno is not found responsible for any interruption, cessation or delay in the services operation or performance of its responsibilities hereunder owing to fire, food, earthquake, flood, natural disaster, storm, fire, armed conflict, terrorist action, boycott, release of toxic or hazardous substances, terrorist action, explosion, public energy and other causes. Avltechno is not responsible for any delay or failure created by complications with internet connections.

Governing Law Venue

Avltechno and subscribers agree that any conflicts connected with this agreement will be governed in all aspects by and framed in accordance with applicable laws. Any actions arising out of or depending upon in part or whole, on this agreement will be brought to the courts in Los Angeles County, California.

Entire Agreement

This agreement will comprise the entire agreement taking place between the two parties. Any waiver of this agreement will be found effective only if it is written and signed by both parties. Avltechno might modify, suspend, change, modify or discontinue any feature of the service with their sole discretion, comprising for scope of services, pricing, its website as well as the services found in the subscription plan. Such modifications will take place without prior notice or liability to third party or to subscriber. Avltechno might impose limits for certain features of their services at any moment. Avltechno might amend this agreement at any time through posting an amendment to the Avltechno website. These amendments are binding when posted. Subscriber must evaluate the agreement periodically so as to get notices regarding any modifications. Continuous usage of services confirms acceptance of any sort of changes. Segment headings are provided only for convenience and are not considered to be part of the agreement. Avltechno is not responsible for the representations of third parties, representatives or any agents.


Subscriber will send all demands, requests and notices with respect to the agreement in email to support@Avltechno.tech. Notices to subscribers will be made by posting on the Avltechno website. Subscriber agrees to check Avltechno website to be aware of such notices.


Provisions concerning with warranty, proprietary rights, limitation on actions, disclaimers and indemnity will permit this agreement to survive.

Limitation on Actions

The terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between the subscriber and the Avltechno respecting to the purchase or usage of the services. In order to get the services, you need to agree to the mentioned terms and conditions. Moreover, you must also agree that any failure to obey to these rules will void all the obligations of Avltechno hereunder.


Subscriber cannot allocate or transfer the obligations or rights below this agreement without obtaining written consent from Avltechno. Any attempt towards assigning or transfer of rights as well as interest granted herein will make the agreement void within sole discretion of Avltechno. The assignment or transfer of obligations of Avltechno will be permitted under this agreement when it is agreed.


All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of California or another location mutually agreeable to the parties. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.


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