Wireless Problems

Few steps will be quite easy for you to rectify the problems. Every person will be able to solve this issue easily if you follow it properly; everything can be possible with the excellent services given by the best knowledgeable experts and technicians.

For foremost reason first check the connection between the wireless routers with that to the modem you are using. You need to make sure that all the cables have been inserted correctly and that the lights, which show the connections status, are on.

    I.You replace the cables that are connecting the wireless router to the modem as this may have become damaged. It is very important that you check in the manual that comes with your router to see that in fact you are actually using the right cables.

    II. Immediately after replacing the cables you discover that the status lights remain off then it might be an idea to try and connect another device to the network connection to see if this is affected at all. If this does not work then it is a good idea to check the port configurations at either end of the network and reconfigure if you need, in order it is running at the right speed and using the right duplex mode.

    III. Even after you have carried out all the above and you still find that you have no network connection then check to make sure that the wireless adapter, which has been, installed in your device is working properly. For those who are running Windows applications on theirs you just need to go to control panel, then network connections and verify that it is showing as enabled.

    IV. Next you will need to check and verify the settings on your Wireless LAN if it is correct or no. With this we will also help you to identify the actual port IP address and the subnet.

    V. Also after checking and verifying the LAN settings you now have to move on and check/verify the TCP/IP settings. To do this you will have to once more go into the network connections panel. After going into the TCP/IP settings you need to click on the repair button and hopefully this will help to solve the issues that you may well be having with your network address.


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