Slow Computer

Is your computer getting slow? Have you ever spent lots of money on experts to repair your slow computer? We believe you are visiting the best computer service company that’s us!! It’s Avltechno. You are just far from calling us. To repair a slow computer perfectly, you had a better identification of the problem that is affecting the speed.

Primary here are some factors which probably can slow your computer down:

  • Sometimes there may be infection files that can slow your computer? Virus, Spyware and Trojan will use username and passwords and put your privacy details at risk. They also will affect your PC overall performance through the backdoor and slow your computer down.
  • How much RAM does your computer have? Most of the time due to Lack of RAM of course your PC will cause the sluggish computer performance. And if your PC RAM is very low, it would really keep freezing when you try to use it as soon as you start your computer.
  • Too many files and data on the desktop would definitely affect the computer’s performance. Easy shortcuts, media files, pictures take lot memory and finally ruins the speed of the PC.
  • Another reason for slow computer can be caused by the fragments in the system disk.
  • Many corrupted registry will not only slow down your computer but also would crash the system. Even a corrupted registry will bring more problems to your computer.

How would you repair your slow computer perfectly?

At Avltechno we provide wide range of computer solution and repairs for any of your brands for PC, Laptops or Printers. Especially for Computer running slow, you just have to pick your phone and call us. We are well experts who drive your world crazy with making your story successful.

Even as you are eager to call us, before that you can follow some step.

***1 Firstly, you need to get an anti-virus program to protect your slow computer as soon as possible. In the daily use of the computer, do not open the suspicious files or email. Sometimes, a nice anti-virus problem can help you repair the slow running computer completely.

***2 Our experts suggest you to increase the RAM to 1 GB or 2 GB if your PC is extremely slow. This is the best advice if your slow computer performance is caused by the less RAM, then just increase the memory later you can fix other problems and repair the computer’s speed.

***3 To get rid of slow PC performance you also need to keep the desktop clean. You should remove those useless shortcuts, files on the desktop. Transfer parts of the files into other disk and make some more space for the windows system for your computer.

***4 Immediately run disk defragment regularly to repair your slow computer. You can also use the Windows Disk Defragment Program to clean up the fragments. To do this, Click Start--Run--type in dfrg.msc to launch the defragment. And then click Analyze and Defragment button after it shows you the analysis report.

***5 Repair registry errors and such unwanted files to speed your computer up. This registry size keeps growing when you use Windows. When this registry keeps increasing, your computer performance will automatically get decayed and unstable. Some computer users even spend lot of time trying to go through the registry and edit manually. Not only can this be a daunting task, it will also be a risky one. In additionally, invalid or corrupted registry entries even will crash your whole system. In this case a great registry cleaner would help you to repair the slow PC by cleaning the invalid and malicious registry in just a few of Seconds.

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