Does not matter if it an old computer or the newest laptop your device will always work perfect under our supervision. AVLTechno has the solution for all. By repairing your devices or technology make sure you use the best of it.

PC repairs

Today you can’t live without computer, whether you are a student or an employee or a well settled housewife. AVLTECHNO can solve any of your desktop parts. You can definitely call us now

IMac Repair Service

Never pay extra for any Mac repairs. Mostly our repairs are less than 30% to 50% than major retail repairs.

Laptop Repairs

Virus? Or cracked screened? Repair now with Avltechno, best services. AVLTechno services for drive data recover, saving files, Laptop Jack repair and many more including the any other issues.

Printer Repairs

We also provide services for maintenance & repair for various printers. We never differentiate the brands but we see it possible to maintain it with best care and service for all our clients.

Windows Recover

Best services for all windows and ‘pop up ads’. Call us for solutions. BOSD- We also solves the entire problem related to an error screen displayed on a Windows computer system.

Setup & Install

With these successful services we have best set up installation programs for you.

Managed Services

Managing the technology has become our first priority, whether it’s Setup & Install or Virus/Spyware Removal. Your Computer will start working in the same way when it was first seen in the shop.


We Diagnose and repair with instant support feeds for which we are one stop shop for you.


AVLTechno, one stop shop for technology repairs also solve any networking or troubleshoot problems. Least you will say I did have any problems.

Virus Removal

Virus problems are the most trouble issues which many people face, giving the right solution is just perfect from AVL Techno.

Usability Training

Every person is well trained under AVLTechno, We support and train for healthy running business.

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