Pop Up ‘Ads’

Advertising flash ads or pop up ads are very attractive at times but ruin the system due to virus. It is widely used on World Wide Web to attract web traffic or to collect email data. If you are a have knowledge how to fix the problem then nothing to worry about, but when you can’t operate the system other than your working profile then you need to have and assistance.

How & Why does it appear?

  • Certain type of downloaded content, image, free music or other can cause pop up ads
  • Some web installers also use popup to install software
  • Clicking on some ads often lead to other pop up ads
  • Pop up ads are given on the web due to many reasons like for installation, mailers data or even for other reasons of selling the ads

Other than POP UP ads there is also other POP UNDER ADS, what are they?


These ads appears hidden behind the main browser window rather than presenting front of the screen. These hidden ads can be troublesome for many reasons like, unknown virus can harm the system files also can lead to Blue Screen of Deth which crashes and completely freezes the computer.

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