Dell Virus Removal

Does HP or Lenovo Warranty Cover Virus Removal?

The short answer is no. At Avltechno we receive dozens of phone calls per day about our virus removal service and many of our customers are often under the misconception that when they purchased their laptop from Dell, HP, or Acer they paid several hundred dollars extra for a warranty and virus removal is covered under that warranty. Unfortunately, this is not true. When you pay extra money for your warranty that covers your laptop or desktop for hardware damage such as a failed hard drive, bad screen or faulty motherboard. In this case you should be fully covered. The vendor will either send you a replacement part that you can install yourself or they will send a technician to your home who will replace the faulty part for you.

In the case of getting a virus or piece of malware like the FBI virus, that essentially makes your computer a big paper weight, they are not responsible. They are completely off the hook and it is crystal clear in their warranty terms. The reality is they are correct. They can not be held responsible for what the end user does with their computer in terms of accidentally contracting a virus because they went to a bad website. Of course, they will help you out and remove that nasty virus or rootkit for the appropriate fee. That's something for you to decide. Take a look at the cost for the big players virus removal service below in comparison to ours which is significantly less.

Avltechno HP Acer Lenovo
No Upfront Payment
Money Back Guarantee
Technicians in the USA
Virus Removal Cost $49 $119.95 $129.95 $3.00 Per Minute
Call Toll Free to Get Started 1 - 844 - 880 - 5805

Not only are the big name players charging big bucks but they almost always farm out these types of mass help desks to overseas location where they can pay employees in developing countries significantly less and still turn a significant profit. We do the opposite, we stand behind our quality service and are based and founded in the USA. Take a look at some of our onsite it support and check out our Facebook Page to see what we are about.


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