Managed Security Datacenter


We offers comprehensive managed security services and solutions for datacenters, network, and on-premise infrastructures.

An average enterprise requires 28 different security tools from different vendors to manage their overall security. Make one decision and leverage our experts certified on SIEM architecture, threat intelligence, threat hunting, analytics, compliance evaluation, security automation, and remediation of potential threats.


NOC-SOC alignment
Leverage lifecycle management services that bring a seamless alignment between the SOC team and problem management team, including legacy security management services, to cover end-to-end security and compliance remediation in real time. The Oracom NetSOS Automation framework aggregates reports from SIEM solutions to take action, quicker.


Improve your security standards.
We’ll implement well-defined, un-biased, and consensus-based industry best practices and leverage resources like secure configuration benchmarks, automated configuration assessment tools, as well as content and security metrics to adjust internal minimum security requirements to ensure that appropriate controls are applied.


Stay smart. Stay safe.
We’ll use specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for threat intelligence for your environment that leverages analysis of threat actor behavior over multiple years to dramatically enhance the quality of your information security program. Then, we can evaluate threat information against internal vulnerability assessments to prioritize security controls better using the NETSOS automation framework.


Improve your compliance. Improve your defenses.
Get continuous 24×7 monitoring of critical business processes to detect vulnerabilities, risks, network connectivity problems, or compliance violations, and prioritize remediation so that problems are immediately addressed when any security issues are flagged.


Because threats can come from the inside, too.
Use NETSOS automation framework to extend UBA (User Behavior Analytics) functionality to provide comprehensive insider threat protection, and full-fledged surveillance on east to west traffic. Get an aggregated view of insider and individual activities and quickly see key, insider threats without being drowned in alerts.


Proactively defend more. Reactively remediate less.
Use our NETSOS automation framework to automate the collection of various data types, evaluate data that is collected, and aggregate processed data to make outputs more actionable.