Our security assessments provide you a total picture of your security posture and a plan of attack for improving it.

You may think you’re ready for anything, but what if you’re not? We’ll discover your gaps, threats, and potential headaches before they ever become problems. Because the best defense is an early one.

Public Discovery:

Identify vulnerabilities with publicly accessible assets.

Cyber-Attack Readiness:

Determine recommendations against cyber-attacks.

Vulnerability Assessment:

See a snapshot of all the infrastructure vulnerabilities, with remediation guidelines.

Web Malware Detection:

See a snapshot of all malware on a web-application, with remediation guidelines.

Basic Penetration Testing:

Discover the vulnerabilities that can be exploited and steps to mitigate them.

Web-Application Scanning:

See a snapshot of all vulnerabilities on a web-application, with remediation guidelines.


Validate adherance to PCI-DSS requirements with an external vulnerability scan.

Policy Compliance:

Understand security configuration assessments on IT systems throughout the network.

Cyber-Forensics Services:

Detect cyber-crimes or security breaches or digital frauds along with evidence for the same.

Black Box Pen Testing:

Simulate an external hacking or cyber-warfare for defense scenarios.