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Remote Access Software for Home and Business: The Present and the Future.

More and more employees today choose distant work without the need to leave home. According to statistical investigations, every third employee in Europe and the USA works remotely and the performance of remote workers is nearly 25% higher, than of those who have to visit the office every day.

Among remote workers there are translators, journalists, programmers and IT-specialists. The specialist can either do one part of his job in the office and another at home or work only from home if necessary.

The number of programs providing access to remote computing is rather broad today. One such system is Radmin (, produced by Russian company Famatech (Moscow). Radmin has been on the market since 1999 and has a stable reputation of the fastest and the most secure tool for working and/or controlling a machine remotely. In the beginning of February, Famatech released its innovative Radmin 3.0 version, first to be compatible with Windows Vista and contains a great number of innovations including the DST( tm) video capture driver with a digital signature from Microsoft; voice and text chat; as well as being a Military-grade security system.

Radmin is widely used in organizations with high security demands, such as Banks, Insurance Companies, and Military departments because of its reliable security standards. By means of modern encryption tools and authorization algorithms, such as Diffie-Hellman, the program can prevent malicious user's attempts to hack into the computer.

Another remarkable realm of Radmin usage is the support of IT-infrastructure of various sizes. The work of an IT-specialist today means complex support of a growing number of computers. The basic task of one system administrator or IT-department is to effectively control the usage of software and hardware. Technical specialists have to solve users' problems and also teach them, how to work with programs.

IT-specialists value Radmin for its ease-of-use, high speed of work, and reliable security standards. New voice and text chat systems, implemented in Radmin 3.0 allow system administrators to answer user's questions and see the status of remote computer.

The remote control industry has great perspectives. The market of remote employees will continuously grow as more and more people prefer mobility and freedom to act. Office workers are no longer bound to their workplaces-- they can effectively do their duties from home or even from another continent. The implementation of Radmin in IT-infrastructures will help to remarkably reduce costs related to Tech Support, allow the IT-specialists to quickly answer the end users question without the need to visit his/her workplace, greater capability to cover after hours support needs, in addition to the flexibility to offer remote workers a greater quality of life and time to spend with their families.

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